Our Daily Schedule

Good Morning, Friends. Happy Saturday! As promised, I’m posting our Monday-Friday learning schedule. Now, keep in mind, I have my oldest, G, who is in first grade and is learning *virtually*. Then, there’s my middle, E, who I’m homeschooling through the first half of Pre-K. And finally, my youngest, L, who turned two in July.Continue reading “Our Daily Schedule”

“I’m a Healthy Person”!

I remember looking in the mirror, end of August, and thinking just how much I didn’t *identify* with that person looking back at me. I love exercise and fitness, yet I hadn’t worked out in MONTHS. I’m freakishly into good health and nutrition, yet we were ordering out almost daily and drinking *ALL* the adultContinue reading ““I’m a Healthy Person”!”

Welcome! Hop On & Join Me!

Hello, and welcome!!! I cannot express just how thrilled I am to officially have “kicked-off” this blog. My original plan was to focus primarily on school-related business; lessons, videos, skills learned, & how to balance multiple age groups at once. Because I am an experienced teacher with two degrees in education, this is a *comfortable*Continue reading “Welcome! Hop On & Join Me!”

No Time Like The Present

For the past year, I’ve intended on bringing this blog back to life. What’s been holding me back however, is the fact that I’m *waiting* to be an “expert” in something. I fear coming off “bossy” or as a “know-it-all” because honestly, that’s not me, and I’m not even close to “knowing it all”. WhatContinue reading “No Time Like The Present”