The Power of Passion & Action!

If you have been following me for a while now, you are aware that for about 20 years of my life, I yo-yo dieted.

This yo-yo dieting had nothing to do with passion, knowledge, or health.

The driving force was simply to lose weight, and be thin. 

In 2015 after having my middle daughter, I decided I was ready for a REAL change, and I became a member of a rather well-known company, and experienced some incredible physical results by being an active member of an accountability group, and by following a very specific plan.

Simultaneously, I started coaching groups, and oh my goodness…

A passion was born!

This was in fact the first time I was truly doing something not only in the name of being skinny, but in order to be healthy as well.

Something felt very right about this.

The problem however, was that I was still following “a plan”, and coaching to that specific plan.

Even 7 years ago, while in a very different headspace than I am now, I knew something didn’t feel right to me about expecting everyone to follow and do the same thing.

So I started to allow anyone into my groups for free, in order to provide people with the oh-so-powerful accountability.

Although I had come a long way from my days of starvation, I still struggled quite a bit with disordered eating, and my terribly unhealthy relationship with the scale.

Between 2015 and 2021, I continued to do several different “fad diets”.  

Although some of them worked well and taught me a lot…

They were still restrictive…

And I was yet to deal with what I believe to be NUMBER ONE in true ongoing success…


I have always been top-notch at following rules…

But I had no idea how to “do health” without a very strict and clear plan…

And I had no idea how to assess success without seeing numbers go down on the scale.

In 2021, I hit a wall, and decided to SCREW ALL DIETS, and went rogue. 

I called it Intuitive Eating.

Yet for MONTHS… over a year… I just basically ate everything, whenever I wanted.

Ironically, in that same timeframe, I decided to *certify* my coaching and make it official.

I poured wellness podcasts into my ears every morning.

I devoured all the personal development books.

And I definitely felt a huge mental and emotional shift.

I was actually learning a lot about myself and how I viewed food, weight, and health.

I accepted health isn’t all about how small you are or what you are or aren’t eating, and I realized the following:

  • Coaching others filled my cup so much it was overflowing.
  • I am a MUCH better coach when I am being true to myself and what I believe.
  • There is a research study to back up pretty much anything.
  • YOU MUST learn your own body and trust your gut.
  • A coach or some version of accountability is key to success.
  • The path to ongoing success is twofold, and includes a solid, measureable plan… and a strong and positive mindset.

I spent months (and a lot of money) on a variety of books related to all things health and wellness.

Different diets, various ways to eat, hormones, eating for your body type… you name it!

I found all of this material extremely fascinating, but the thing was…

As I read and acquired all this knowledge, I continued gaining weight.

Something happened to me one morning about a month ago where I realized…

Knowledge is wonderful, but it is not going to help me reach ultimate health…

And it’s not going to make me the best coach I can be.


Friends, I have not felt this “in my zone”, this “authentic” in both my life and my coaching… in over 2 years.

I cannot express enough the importance of experimenting, exploring, observing, and reflecting your ways in order to truly discover what works best for YOU, *your body*, and *your mind*, in THIS SEASON of life.

And then… taking action.

The seasons will change.

There will always be more knowledge.

There will always be more studies.

There will always be someone telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.

But only you know you.

You are the ultimate expert of your body and what it needs to feel amazing.

I promise, if you listen to your gut…

Find an amazing coach and/or accountability group…


If you keep going EVEN if you didn’t lose weight that week…

Even if you had a bad day…

Even if IT IS HARD… and Friends, it will be!…

You WILL reach a place you never thought possible.

And you will feel an immense amount of gratitude for your body, your mind, and your life.

Follow what you’re passionate about…

Allow it to resonate…

And takeaction

The rest will follow.

Believing in you.

Published by Laurel

I'm a mama of three, teacher by degree(s), and a dual-certified health & life coach. I am EXTREMELY passionate about helping those with a history of disordered eating make peace with food, their bodies, and their minds as they embark on their health and wellness journeys. Having spent over 20+ years of being a disordered eater myself, I have firsthand experience with the power behind awareness, experimentation, patience, a strong mindset, and accountability. You are not alone, My Friends... and you're in good hands. We’re in this together! 💞 Follow me on Instagram @pacifythechaos

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