The Scale and The Critter Brain

Today marks Day 7 since I’ve *intentionally* embarked on my weight-loss journey.

This past week, I’ve been weighing myself every morning, right after I wake up.

Yes! I know.

This is TOTALLY new for me, and is something that has taken GREAT amounts of reflecting, journaling, and questioning for me to be able to do.

So, why in the world am I doing this!?

Two Reasons:

  1. I’m utilizing the results as an assessment tool
  2. I’m practicing having a truly healthy mindset in regards to the scale

My past has taught me that like most things in life, avoidance is not the answer.

Healing has taught me that my mindset, not the physical scale, has been the problem.

By stepping on the scale daily, I am pushing myself to *accept* that in real life, no human loses weight every day… and yet *somehow*, we can still be successful, on point, and healthy!

That’s right!

The number on the scale does not dictate our worth, our ultimate success, and should never be the leading factor of our mood for the day and/or week.

This past week, I noticed the numbers going down rather fast on the scale… which Friends, is totally normal in the first week.

I am certain quite a bit of this was simply carb stores, protein, and water…

But, in any case, it was exciting and encouraging to see.

This weekend, the numbers increased the slightest bit Saturday morning, and remained the same today.

I mean, what the heck SCALE?! I’ve been on point for A WHOLE WEEK

Why haven’t I lost my 30 pounds yet?! 😉

I would be lying if I said this didn’t get my critter brain a little concerned after dropping a good amount of weight, every day, five days in a row.

I mean, here I am, a health and life coach whom people confide in and trust to help them make changes…

Publicly sharing with whomever out there chooses to read this that I am on this journey of weight-loss…

One in which I AM SURE will be a success…

And yeah, when I see those numbers go up or not budge…

It does make my brain wonder the typical human things…

What the heck am I doing?

I’ve never become truly healthy without a strict plan before.

Why would this even work?

Does this thinking sound familiar to anyone else?

Now, this is where many of us disordered eaters make a mistake… myself included.

We decide to change everything!



Friends, this is not the answer. And we ARE NOT doing that this time around.

Especially after only seven days of trying something different.

Our weight will fluctuate for multiple reasons.

We may need to go to the bathroom…

Ladies, we may be on our cycle…

We may be extremely stressed or had a stressful day…

And just maybe… our bodies are simply adjusting.

Beautiful People… if you hear nothing else here, HEAR THIS

DO NOT… I repeat… DO NOT change up your plan only a week into what you are doing.

Your body is changing, it is adjusting, and it requires *consistency* and *dedication* before it can assimilate the changes you’re attempting to make.

This can take several weeksespecially if you’ve been practicing some rather poor habits for months or years.

It can take up to a month or two to notice a change in how your clothes are fitting.

So I ask you, why would we expect the numbers on the scale to show us anything sooner?

Your body is healing.

Your mind is healing.

Give it permisson to heal.

Some great questions to ask yourself while on your journey are the following:

  • How do I feel?
  • How is my energy?
  • Am I satiated?

These answers will guide you much better than the numbers on the scale in regards to how healthy you are becoming, and how well your way of eating… YOUR DIET… is working for you.

So friends, if you are utilizing that scale… let’s all remember…

It is to be used as an assessment tool, but it is not the be all, end all when it comes to deciding how well our plans are working.

Calm the critter brain, remain consistent, and continue on your journey.

If you remain consistent, not only will the results come…

But the true healing will come as well.

Believing in you.

Believing in me.

Published by Laurel

I'm a mama of three, teacher by degree(s), and a dual-certified health & life coach. I am EXTREMELY passionate about helping those with a history of disordered eating make peace with food, their bodies, and their minds as they embark on their health and wellness journeys. Having spent over 20+ years of being a disordered eater myself, I have firsthand experience with the power behind awareness, experimentation, patience, a strong mindset, and accountability. You are not alone, My Friends... and you're in good hands. We’re in this together! 💞 Follow me on Instagram @pacifythechaos

2 thoughts on “The Scale and The Critter Brain

  1. Yes!!! I use the scale as one of my tools to assess my health. For myself, I find that if I don’t do this on a daily basis, my choices of foods throughout the day may not be the most nutritious…..I tend to let myself slide.


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