Reelin’ It In!

One of the reasons I’ve been able to maintain a “healthier” way of living, post my YEARS of binge and emotional eating, is because I’ve truly learned to recognize and identify my triggers.

SUMMER is one of them.

If you’re an emotional eater, you’ll know…

You don’t have to be SAD to eat.  

We simply associate times, events, or occasions with FOOD…

And that FOOD brings us *all* the joys, happiness, and memories of those times.

We are now in the third week of summer break, and let me tell you…

I am WELL aware because of my actions.

Suddenly, I’m indulging with the kiddos in more ice cream treats… because it’s summer!

I’m eating out more… because it’s summer!

“Special Sunday Breakfasts” (pancakes and the works) are served more often… because it’s summer!

I am partaking more often in adult beverages… because it’s summer!

Now, all of this is fine on occasion, but what’s important is NOTICING and BEING AWARE of what we’re doing.

Ilana Muhlstein, dietician and creator of 2B Mindset has always resonated with me.

Anytime I need to “reel it in”, I find myself going back to the principles she promotes:

Water first, veggies most.

I also love her “plate it” methods for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

They give you an incredible visual of HOW your plates should look, in order to give you the right amount of filling, satisfying, and energy-giving meals depending on the time of day.

Whenever I start prioritizing my water and including more veggies, not only am I MORE FULL, but I also FEEL better.

This morning, I toasted a couple slices of Ezekiel toast to give me 50% fiber-filled carbs for sustained energy throughout the morning…

And to keep me full and satisfied… some scrambled eggs with lots of good veggies; mushrooms, onions, red bell pepper, and spinach, and I added half a slice of good quality american cheese as an “accessory”.  

Let me tell you…

For me personally, I find this delicious, satisfying, and it just.feels.right.

Now, although the majority of making adjustments is to feel my best…

I’d be lying if I said this had nothing to do with my weight.

Although I still do not step on scales, I do use my clothes as an assessment tool, and when they barely fit only a few weeks into summer, that concerns me.

I am ALL about enjoying the heck out of summer (and yes, sometimes that includes ice cream, food on-the-go, and summer cocktails)… but I am also all about having the ENERGY and HEALTH to keep me going with my three young kiddos!… and helping THEM realize that there is a lot more to summer than food!

Let us enjoy our summer, enjoy indulgences in moderation, but if you start to notice your energy and mood slipping…

Do yourself a great service by taking a look at your actions, becoming aware of what you are doing, and adjusting to what typically helps YOU feel your best.

Awareness is a great teacher, and it will help you to fully LIVE and ENJOY your summer with those beautiful kiddos! 

Published by Laurel Valdez

I'm a mama of three, teacher by degree(s), and a dual-certified health & life coach. I am EXTREMELY passionate about helping those with a history of disordered eating make peace with food, their bodies, and their minds as they embark on their health and wellness journeys. Having spent over 20+ years of being a disordered eater myself, I have firsthand experience with the power behind awareness, experimentation, patience, a strong mindset, and accountability. You are not alone, My Friends... and you're in good hands. We’re in this together! 💞 Follow me on Instagram @LaurelVCoaching!

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