Still Around and Very Reflective

My Dear Readers and Friends…

I hesitated restarting this blog for two reasons:

1) Time… who has it?!

2) My ever-changing thoughts and ideas about all things life.

Since my last blog entry, G has started back face-to-face at school, we have decided to send E back… come January, we have celebrated two of my favorite holidays, my middle child has turned FIVE!!!, and I’ve been mulling over what I believe it means to be *truly* “healthy”… yes, again. 😉

Because I started off this blog introducing myself as an educator who is a homeschooler with a virtual student during a pandemic, I found myself feeling a little embarrassed to share all that had changed.

But *feelings*, *thoughts*, and *times* change… sometimes by the second, and *especially*, if you’re me.

As a recovering perfectionist, I have to *continually* remind myself that this blog isn’t supposed to be my “expertise” on anything I’ve “mastered”.

It’s about relating and connecting through… real day-to-day successes and failures.  It’s about the truth of being a mama of three young kiddos, during a pandemic, who loves food and drink (okay, it’s not REALLY about this… but, partly ;)).

I am not someone who claims to have it all figured out, not.even.close…. BUT MAN… every day, I attempt to see a little more of my WHY in this world, and with each and every moment, I feel like a bit more of that shines through.

This past month and a half has been full of realizations, ah-has, and so much love and togetherness it makes my heart burst.

I’ve realized that although I am a certified teacher with two degrees in education, I much prefer to hold that role in a classroom setting… away from home, and be solely “mom” to my kiddos.  

I’ve been reminded that “health” comes in MANY forms, and far surpasses the numbers on a scale, the shape of our bodies, or the calories we consume.  It also consists of our mental well-being, and the love and acceptance we give and feel to ourselves and others on a daily basis.

This pandemic has brought about so many challenges, and for that, my heart aches; but it’s also helped me to truly appreciate “my tribe”.  I’m so thankful for all the relationships I’ve managed to hold on to, and even strengthen during such odd and uncertain times.  

I’m thankful my holidays included family, near and far… whether present or through FaceTime… which in turn, makes me super thankful for technology (even though I truly could use WAY less of it).   

This is my heart, and although I LOVE sharing ideas and suggestions with everyone, THIS… *reflections* and *ah-has*… is the stuff I truly love to share and write about.

As 2020 comes to a close (can you even believe it?!), I encourage everyone to dig deep, and think about what you truly do have to be thankful for… for what IS.POSSIBLE… for what is yet to come.

Wishing you all a wonderful New Year!!!

Looking forward to more *shares*, *reflections*, and *connections* in 2021! 

Published by Laurel

I'm a mama of three, teacher by degree(s), and a dual-certified health & life coach. I am EXTREMELY passionate about helping those with a history of disordered eating make peace with food, their bodies, and their minds as they embark on their health and wellness journeys. Having spent over 20+ years of being a disordered eater myself, I have firsthand experience with the power behind awareness, experimentation, patience, a strong mindset, and accountability. You are not alone, My Friends... and you're in good hands. We’re in this together! 💞 Follow me on Instagram @pacifythechaos

2 thoughts on “Still Around and Very Reflective

  1. Thank you for being honest and sharing about your hesitancy in posting! It is so hard to be vulnerable to the world. If 2020 has taught us nothing else, it is to be flexible, roll with it, and never say never! Changes are constant and extreme this year!


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