“I’m a Healthy Person”!

I remember looking in the mirror, end of August, and thinking just how much I didn’t *identify* with that person looking back at me.

I love exercise and fitness, yet I hadn’t worked out in MONTHS. I’m freakishly into good health and nutrition, yet we were ordering out almost daily and drinking *ALL* the adult beverages. I can be a bit of a hypochondriac, yet I was allowing my gut to expand to the point where it was opening up so much risk to so many potential diseases.

Change can be SO hard, and last March… losing my routine and everything I knew to be true *really* messed with me – mentally! While many I knew (after a couple weeks of “fun” 😏) chose to use the time to get healthier, I let everything I believed in take a back seat.

Now, for those of you who have known me for quite some time have been a part of my health and fitness journey for a while now!

Once I get motivated enough, I have no problem losing weight! As a perfectionist and a rule-follower, I can really get into a good diet. Tell me what to do, give me the rules, and oh yeah… you better believe I’ll follow em!

My problem, however, is in the KEEPING.IT.OFF!!! 🤣.

I am so thrilled to share… thanks to my new favorite book, Atomic Habits, I’ve finally nailed down the issue!!!

The reason I have always been able to lose weight, but have failed at keeping it off, is because I haven’t *identified* with “the healthy, fit person”.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used phrases like, “I’m just not naturally a healthy person!” or… “I just love food too much.”… or… “Ya gotta live”.

When you still believe you’re your old self, even after a big change, you won’t remain that way. That isn’t who you are. You don’t *IDENTIFY* with that new, healthy person.

For the first time ever, I’m realizing I DO identify with that healthy person… I DO love eating right and exercising… I love keeping busy and having the energy to do so!!!

Now, identity is HUGE, and this was a great ah-ha for me. But there’s also “the why”. My purpose for living a healthy life goes WAY beyond looking good.

I want my kids to see what “healthy” looks like!

I want to live a long life where I truly *feel good*.

I want to be the last one on the dance floor for “longest married” at our grandkids’ wedding!

It’s a fact that yo-yo dieting is almost MORE harmful, yes, to your health… than simply living a “less than perfect” lifestyle.

You guys, hear it now.

I 👏 am👏 over👏 it!

Our health doesn’t ever end. It’s a journey.

Keto may be over…but my yearning for a long-term, healthy life continues.

Thank you… SO much… for being such a support system for me. I love you.

I’m grateful for you. And I pray that if you’re in a funky place, you feel inspired… you feel motivated… and you KNOW… you too can out funk the funk. ❤️

Published by Laurel

I'm a mama of three, teacher by degree(s), and a dual-certified health & life coach. I am EXTREMELY passionate about helping those with a history of disordered eating make peace with food, their bodies, and their minds as they embark on their health and wellness journeys. Having spent over 20+ years of being a disordered eater myself, I have firsthand experience with the power behind awareness, experimentation, patience, a strong mindset, and accountability. You are not alone, My Friends... and you're in good hands. We’re in this together! 💞 Follow me on Instagram @pacifythechaos

4 thoughts on ““I’m a Healthy Person”!

  1. Ah! This is everything. Thanks for sharing your story and progress; it’s so relatable and inspiring. You got this, lady! Can’t wait to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

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