Pacifying Chaos


If you’re ready to *calm the chaos* in the world of all things health, diet, and parenting; this place is for you!

A Note of Thanks!

Dear Friends and Readers!!! This post will be my version of short and sweet. 🙂 Although I recently mentioned that once my kiddos were all in school, I’d then be embarking on my next academic venture; the stars aligned, I had hubby and kiddo support, I followed my intuition… and THIS WEEK, I have begun the journey towards Health and LifeContinue reading “A Note of Thanks!”

Workout To GAIN!

After graduating fifth grade, I remember looking at a photo of a friend and I, and thinking, “Oh my gosh! I am SO much bigger than her!”… and I was! I was always the tallest girl in my class, and I had “a bod” before many others my age. It was around this time, FIFTH.GRADE,Continue reading “Workout To GAIN!”

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